Heroes of Nirmathas

In Which Expeditious Withdrawal is Discussed

The infected are hard to kill. Hitting them until they fall down just sees them spring up a minute later. Burning them to a crisp left a pile of bones that still seemed to stir. Matalina, Arrol and Magar have all fallen under their assault and would have been killed without the quick assistance of the others in the party.

The smith has gone to the inn to meet with the mayor and protect the survivors that are gathering there. It appears there will be a generation of orphans in Kassen once the dust settles.

Arrol’s mother is infected, trapped in a room and raging against Arrol’s brother, who doesn’t know what to do. Soon Arrol’s mother will grow quiet and Arrol’s brother may, if he deludes himself enough, open the door. Whether or not he can deal with the aftermath of that is still unknown.

Matalina’s mother and stepdad were infected, rambling around their cottage. Before Matalina could sneak her sisters away to safety her mother ran screeching from the house and attacked. Mal mercifully stepped forward and dispatched her. The girls were escorted to the Malgorume estate.

Nanna Malgorume welcomed the party and gave them warm food and beds for evening. The Malgorume estate sits a bit outside of town and has escaped the attention all but a few of the undead so far.

Magar is convinced Torag has abandoned him (and his beard). The pasty-skinned ‘sailors’ who may have caused this are holed up in a boat near the plaza. Nanna has offered use of fast carriage for the party to take wherever they need, as long as any damages are properly accounted for.

Hey gang!

I hope the game is going well!

You should keep the game recaps up!

I have an idea for a refinement of Dolph for the next time I play a barb.
Instead of my badly played guy with voices, I might go for a full on multiple personality.
Dolph, the dumb main personality. He can talk to the others and has control of the body most of the time.
Roy, the personification of rage that surfaces when he uses rage. While he has the body Dolph does not know what is going on and as a result is exhausted when Roy gives up control.
And Carl, the personification of his wisdom. Carl never has control of the body, but can talk to either of the other personalities. Of course Roy tends to tell him to shut up :)

Any rate, I think this might be more fun to role-play against than what I was doing.


Second Night Recap

The night began with a dwarf digging a shallow grave for the recently deceased wolves. Dolph became aware of a sizzling sound and turned to find one of the wolves had risen from the dead. Green ichor poured from its eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

The fight was tough, but the wolf finally went down. The killing blow splattered the green ichor, instantly dealing necrotic damage to Tony’s fur and Magar’s beard. After the fight it was noted that the wolf’s distended stomach was still twitching. With haste the shallow grave was deepened, the wolves were all kicked into it and Mal set the lot on fire. The smell was so horrendous it made beards involuntarily curl. After everything was destroyed by the fire a pair of bird skeletons were discovered to have been the undead wolf’s last meal. Unfortunately they were half digested, blackened by the fire and offered no clues.

In the morning Magar went to stand by a babbling brook, where no one could hear him weep for his beard, and he spotted a new adventurer from Kassen. Alorra, a human ranger, had been sent to join the party on their quest. Once the dwarves made certain she wasn’t simply a very tall member of their race, everyone set off.

Soon the party came to the Grey Lake and found a dead body on its shores. The body was dressed in a black cloak, held together with a ram’s head clasp and seemed to be carrying a number of alchemical glasswares about his belt. One jar in particular caught the party’s eye, as traces of green were still in it. The fabric under that jar was faded far worse than the rest of the cloak, and Magar quickly determined the man died from massive necrotic damage to that area of his body. Nearby the party found a dark short sword and a pouch of gold.

Near evening the party got a look at the Serpent Ridge, a thousand foot drop into the valley in which the Crypt of the Everflame lurks. After some quick discussion the group decided to attempt the descent in the morning. Considering how badly the descent went the next morning this was probably a wise move. Everyone reached the bottom, though. Some simply had more … finesse than others.

At the bottom of the ridge a trail of blood was discovered and Arrol followed it to the crypt entrance. The entrance itself was a grisly scene, with three horses ripped apart where they had been tied up. Matalina searched and found a pack containing a large pillow and three quivers of blunted arrows. She then checked the double doors and the party breached the first room of the crypt.

Inside a pair of bodies were on floor, surrounded by skeletons. These skeletons came to life and quickly charged at the party, who discovered their swords and arrows were largely ineffective. Arrol switched to the blunted arrows and Matlina began swinging her torch. All eight of the ancient skeletons were dispatched.


Dolph and Rosamund have become increasingly concerned about Magar’s beard. Will it become undead after being exposed to the ichor? Can Rosamund and Dolph find the right herbal brew to remedy any future problems???

First Night Recap

Good morning everyone!

“Good people of Kassen, we have selected those that we feel will have the best chance of completing the Quest this year,” Mayor Uptal said.

“And the crazed dwarf Dolph, too,” came an anonymous, loud whisper from the back of the crowd.

During the last game the party was formed at Kassen’s south gate, and then immediately booted out of town so they could begin the Quest for the Everflame.

They quickly put together a map that had been scattered amongst the supplies given to them, and Dolph led them through the woods with confidence. He spotted an ambush by a quartet of orcs, and was the first to realize the orcs were illusionary. He then made some amazing rolls and shot the town’s invisible, flying wizard in the rear end. (Impulse control and considering the ramifications of his actions weren’t big in barbarian school.)

Mal repeatedly set things on fire, only realizing at the last minute he was burning spells against something as real as ‘male dwarven hygiene’ and Rosamund had proved to be a formidable caster herself. Matilina took down the last of the orcs, only realizing they were illusions when the wizard flew out of range and the spell ended. She also learned that her new friends were not cowards, even if it did appear Magar had run away like a little elfish girl.

After sheepishly acknowledging they had just fought figments of the imagination, the party again headed south. As the sun went down they heard the strangled cries of a large cat and spotted a mountain of a half-orc attempting to eat said cat. The cat had been lifted into the air by a snare trap and the half-orc had managed to wrap a bit of the trap’s rope around himself. As the orc ran at the cat the rope lifted the cat out of his reach, leading to one very frustrated man. While Rosamund calmed the cat, Dolph calmed the half-orc – by hitting him in the head with the flat side of his battleaxe. They tied the unconscious half-orc up and left him some rations, then went in search of a campsite.

That night wolves attacked during Magar’s turn at watch. They came swiftly, and before Magar had time to react they had knocked him to the ground. The rest of the party sprang forth and together they dispatched the ravenous pack of wolves, although Rosamund had a moral conundrum with the situation. She ordered, or at least loudly suggested, that Dolph bury the bodies of the wolves so they don’t attract the attention of any of the night’s other denizens.

Dolph dragged the bodies a short distance downwind and quickly dug a shallow grave. After dumping the first body in the hole he became aware that Ralf was desperately attempting to tell him something. As Dolph looks around he sees that one of the wolves, the one that Mal had noticed had a distended stomach, is again standing. Green goo is oozing from the dead wolves eyes, ears, nose and mouth. When a bit of the goo drips off it seems to quietly sizzle when it hits the grass.

We’ll pick up the game with the dead wolf standing there with its head cocked, staring at Dolph. Are you ready to roll initiative, dwarf?

Character Creation Guidelines Now Up

The character creation guidelines are now up. If you’d like to start work on your character you can go ahead and do so. If you’d like to wait until the first night, that’s fine.

Welcome to Nirmathas!

So we started collecting a group today for a Pathfinder game. Here’s what was posted on the rpg meetup.com group:

I have a couple of players who would like to check Pathfinder out, so I thought I’d open up the table to anyone who’s either curious about Pathfinder or would enjoy gaming with new players. We’re going to do one of the low level modules to get a grip on the system, so play should span three or four sessions. If anyone is looking to check out either Pathfinder in particular or roleplaying games in general this would be a good group to join. If we like it we’ll continue with the system, though we’d give players interested in staying a chance to redo their characters or make new ones based on their experience.

To keep things simple we’ll keep to the core rulebook for character options this time around. In an attempt to create a cohesive group we’ll do character generation together during our first session. The players so far are generally character/story focused, but their characters seem to enjoy smacking things when the need arises.

For those of you that may have allergies please be advised our household includes cats, dogs and kids. The kids are small and go to bed early, the cats ignore the humans and the dogs are thieving puppies who will steal your chips if you leave them on the edge of the table. I’m not sure how a hundred pound, pudgy, goofball mutt can sneak a plate from under the noses of a half dozen people, but he manages. Skill focus, maybe.

For some logistical stuff, we’re located near Gaither High School in north Tampa. The house is non-smoking. We sometimes have a beer or glass of wine during the game. Horrible (and humorous) things will happen to your character if you’re talking/texting on your phone and it’s not an emergency.

If you are on the fence please be advised there will be fresh cookies. If anyone is interested the first game is Thursday, March 17th at 6:30. Please ping me here or at EvilQAGuy at gmail.com.


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