Heroes of Nirmathas

Hey gang!

I hope the game is going well!

You should keep the game recaps up!

I have an idea for a refinement of Dolph for the next time I play a barb.
Instead of my badly played guy with voices, I might go for a full on multiple personality.
Dolph, the dumb main personality. He can talk to the others and has control of the body most of the time.
Roy, the personification of rage that surfaces when he uses rage. While he has the body Dolph does not know what is going on and as a result is exhausted when Roy gives up control.
And Carl, the personification of his wisdom. Carl never has control of the body, but can talk to either of the other personalities. Of course Roy tends to tell him to shut up :)

Any rate, I think this might be more fun to role-play against than what I was doing.




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