Heroes of Nirmathas

In Which Expeditious Withdrawal is Discussed

The infected are hard to kill. Hitting them until they fall down just sees them spring up a minute later. Burning them to a crisp left a pile of bones that still seemed to stir. Matalina, Arrol and Magar have all fallen under their assault and would have been killed without the quick assistance of the others in the party.

The smith has gone to the inn to meet with the mayor and protect the survivors that are gathering there. It appears there will be a generation of orphans in Kassen once the dust settles.

Arrol’s mother is infected, trapped in a room and raging against Arrol’s brother, who doesn’t know what to do. Soon Arrol’s mother will grow quiet and Arrol’s brother may, if he deludes himself enough, open the door. Whether or not he can deal with the aftermath of that is still unknown.

Matalina’s mother and stepdad were infected, rambling around their cottage. Before Matalina could sneak her sisters away to safety her mother ran screeching from the house and attacked. Mal mercifully stepped forward and dispatched her. The girls were escorted to the Malgorume estate.

Nanna Malgorume welcomed the party and gave them warm food and beds for evening. The Malgorume estate sits a bit outside of town and has escaped the attention all but a few of the undead so far.

Magar is convinced Torag has abandoned him (and his beard). The pasty-skinned ‘sailors’ who may have caused this are holed up in a boat near the plaza. Nanna has offered use of fast carriage for the party to take wherever they need, as long as any damages are properly accounted for.



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