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So we started collecting a group today for a Pathfinder game. Here’s what was posted on the rpg meetup.com group:

I have a couple of players who would like to check Pathfinder out, so I thought I’d open up the table to anyone who’s either curious about Pathfinder or would enjoy gaming with new players. We’re going to do one of the low level modules to get a grip on the system, so play should span three or four sessions. If anyone is looking to check out either Pathfinder in particular or roleplaying games in general this would be a good group to join. If we like it we’ll continue with the system, though we’d give players interested in staying a chance to redo their characters or make new ones based on their experience.

To keep things simple we’ll keep to the core rulebook for character options this time around. In an attempt to create a cohesive group we’ll do character generation together during our first session. The players so far are generally character/story focused, but their characters seem to enjoy smacking things when the need arises.

For those of you that may have allergies please be advised our household includes cats, dogs and kids. The kids are small and go to bed early, the cats ignore the humans and the dogs are thieving puppies who will steal your chips if you leave them on the edge of the table. I’m not sure how a hundred pound, pudgy, goofball mutt can sneak a plate from under the noses of a half dozen people, but he manages. Skill focus, maybe.

For some logistical stuff, we’re located near Gaither High School in north Tampa. The house is non-smoking. We sometimes have a beer or glass of wine during the game. Horrible (and humorous) things will happen to your character if you’re talking/texting on your phone and it’s not an emergency.

If you are on the fence please be advised there will be fresh cookies. If anyone is interested the first game is Thursday, March 17th at 6:30. Please ping me here or at EvilQAGuy at gmail.com.



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