character creation guidelines

The characters come from [Kassen]], a hamlet in a wilderness area. Maybe they’ve lived there all their lives, maybe they’ve only been there a few months. They need to have some connection to the town beyond just stopping at the inn, though.

Ultimately, this is a coming-of-age adventure of adults. They have collectively stepped past the moment in their lives where they would run away from danger and expect someone else to take care of it. They should be ready to assume their majority. Accomplishing the Quest for the Everflame should be important to them for a specific reason.

With that in mind, each character will need to have a meaningful connection with at least one other character. Maybe they are friends or family. We can work that out during the first night. I’m actively trying to avoid characters who are loners.

Mechanically, you are free to use the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and Advanced Player Guide. Everyone can use fifteen points for attributes using the point buy method, but all attributes should be above 10, even after racial modifiers. All characters start out first level.

You can select up to two traits, with the exception of Heirloom Weapon and Defender of the Society, and with the caveat that at least one must be non-combat.

You can also consult for character creation options. Good luck!

character creation guidelines

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