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The Chronicles of Nirmathian Lore

You might want to begin by learning about Nirmathas, the nation in which the game takes place. Brushing up on Kassen, the town from which the character hail, would also be helpful.

It’s been four years since the last Quest for the Everflame. The candidates the set forth four years ago performed horribly. Half gave up after their first real encounter with a pack of wolves that had made a den in the crypt. The rest split up and, after lighting the lantern with the Everflame, left one of their members in what they thought was mortal peril. The town didn’t even have a celebration that year.

The light taken after the last disastrous venture to the crypt of the Everflame is flickering, and the town elders are eyeballing the young men and women from the town. They’re muttering that the string of bad luck the town has suffered is because the trials at the crypt were too easy and the candidates sent were too soft. This, they say, is a chance for the town to redeem itself.

Main Page

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