Quest for the Everflame


In the years since the establishment of the town the elders had to contend with their children being less adventuresome and hardy than they themselves were. Someone came up with the idea that what the young men and women of the town needed was an old-fashioned adventure. Camping in the wilderness, facing wild beasts and exploring the catacombs of an isolated dungeon.

To prove they had been successful, the party would be given a lantern that could only be lit my the everlasting flame burning in Ekat Kassen’s tomb. Once lit, the flame would last for years. After a vote it was decided that the slight risk to the new members of the community was worth it if it made the community stronger.

Current Participation

Most people decide the trek is too dangerous and simply bow out. Those that don’t complete the quest never reach their majority and are effectively considered non-adults from a legal standpoint. In Kassen this means they cannot own land, be appointed as an officer of the town, own a business, take out a loan, sign most legal documents or vote for the mayor, but are still on the hook for taxes and the militia.

Quest for the Everflame

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